The Department of Economics, in collaboration with the Accounting and Finance of the University of Thessaly, and the Postgraduate Program in Accounting and Auditing offer graduates the opportunity to obtain the Certified Certified Accountants (ACCA) Certification. This Certificate highlights the quality and completeness of the Postgraduate Program in Accounting and Auditing and at the same time offers graduates a significant competitive advantage, which reflects knowledge and training at the highest level with recognition from the Occupational Auditor and Auditor’s profession and the world. . At the same time, the ACCA Certification for the Postgraduate Program grants exemptions to the following sections of the ACCA Certification.

 MSc in Accounting & Auditing
Accountant in Business

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Corporate & Business Law

On completion
Performance Management Managerial Accounting I
Managerial Accounting II
Taxation Tax Accounting
Financial Reporting Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting II
Audit and Assurance
(2021 Graduates Onwards)
Auditing I
Auditing II
Financial Management Financial Analysis I
Financial Analysis II