Last Page Update : 01/06/2020

The applications are submitted online on the website of IPPS together with the required supporting documents which you will upload on the special platform of IPPS (you will find below the link).
The letters of recommendation (Download the example) from the Professor / Employer are sent exclusively electronically to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program before the date of the interview of the candidates at the email address:


Candidate’s supporting documents:

Participation Statement (available on the PPS website) (complete and submit it online)
Detailed CV (Download example).
University/TEI Diploma (with the corresponding certification by HNARIC, in the case of a Diploma from a foreign university)
Certificate of detailed official transcript (with exact grade average)
Certified diploma of English language level FC /Β2
Certificate of P/C knowledge or confirmation of competence in P/C operation, provided by the secretariat of the Department from which the student had graduated.
Scientific Publications/Distinctions (if any)
Proof of professional experience (if any) Additional qualifications (post-graduate titles, diploma of University/TEI)
Two letters of recommendation by Professors of Universities or TEI or Employers (not mandatory) (Download example)Photocopy of identity card or passport
All files, except the CV, which will be stored in Excel format (type xls or xlsx), the rest will be scanned and attached to one of the following forms:
·     pdf
·     tiff
·     jpg.
All scanned files will have a file name – in Latin characters – the title of the degree / certificate / employment agency (example):



Recommended browsers:
·     Firefox
·     Chrome
·     Internet Explorer
·     Safari
It is recommended that the file size of each scanned document be less than 1MB!
In those cases where more files are allowed to be attached, their total size should be less than or equal to 1Mb!
In order not to have a problem when submitting the application form, please follow the additional instructions that appear below each field of the online form.
Candidates who meet the required supporting documents will be invited to undergo an interview. The Secretariat will be informed in a timely manner.