In addition to the number of students admitted to the Ιnterdepartmental Postgraduate Program one (1) scholarship holder of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) who succeeded in the relevant competition for postgraduate studies of the subject of the P.P.S. and one (1) foreign scholarship holder of the Greek State are accepted.
Scholarships are awarded for excellence in partial tuition exemption, taking into account academic criteria. The evaluation of academic performance is based on the grade point average in the courses of the first semester. The number of scholarships depends on the income of the IPPS and the final decision is made by the SIC.
Scholarship is not awarded in the following cases:
a) Postgraduate students who are already receiving a scholarship from another source.
b) Postgraduate students who are on paid educational leave.
c) Postgraduate students who are exempt from tuition fees
The Excellence Fellows may provide work in the Library, Laboratories, Secretariat and Research for the Ιnterdepartmental Postgraduate Program and comply with SIC decisions as well as academic ethics.