The P.D. is prepared during the 3rd semester.
1.     At the beginning of the spring semester, at a meeting of the SIC, diplomatic dissertation issues are proposed by each professor of the Program. After the topics are published, postgraduate students choose the topic of their master’s thesis in consultation with the supervising professor.
2.     The Coordinating Committee shall then, at the request of the applicant, which shall state the proposed title of the postgraduate dissertation, the proposed supervisor and a summary of the proposed work shall be attached, shall appoint its supervisor and set up its three-member committee of inquiry. one of whose members is the supervisor. In order for the work to be approved, the student must support it before the examination committee.
3.     Upon successful completion of the spring semester exams, students enter the post-graduate phase of the dissertation.
4.     The SIC validates the assignment of the dissertations and the supervising teachers.
5.     After their completion and the written approval of the supervisor after prior inspection by the supervisor (authentication of the use of log theft detection software), the dissertations are submitted electronically in four copies to the Secretariat by 31 January (or 31 May). ensures the distribution of three copies to the three-member examination committee and the keeping of a copy in a special place in the Secretariat of the PPS (the dissertation may be sent electronically to the members of the three-member committee). Support for postgraduate thesis is made public, before a three-member examination committee, on a date set by the SIC in February (June). The dissertation in its final form is submitted to the Secretariat in both printed and electronic form and is kept in the Library of the MPS. Mandatory under the responsibility of the students is submitted to the central library of the institution in printed and electronic form.