Graduates of the Universities of other departments of the Universities of the Homeland and similar recognized institutions of the foreign country related to the subjects of study of the IPPS are accepted in the IPPS.
In particular, graduates of the Departments of Accounting and Finance, Banking, Economics, Social and Political Sciences, Administrative, Polytechnic and Positive Sciences of the University as well as Higher Military Schools of the country where the degree is recognized from abroad, or the corresponding similar institutions of the HNARIC. Greek candidates are required to have sufficient knowledge of the Greek language (in accordance with the provisions of Law 2083/92).

“The IPPS (Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of Studies) aims to: 1. To promote the development of research and applications of Accounting Science in practice by providing knowledge in the subjects “”Accounting and Auditing”” in theory to address the increased professional requirements in the private and public sector as well. 2. To deepen the basic principles and methods of Auditing in the modern business environment as well as the concepts of corporate governance, business risk management and internal control of a business. 3. To prepare for postgraduate studies at the doctoral level.”

The maximum number of new postgraduate students admitted to the IPPS per academic year has been set at forty (40), including students exempt from tuition fees under current legislation. Excluded from the above restriction are the equivalents during the evaluation and the scholarships (1) IKY and (1) foreign scholarship holder of the Greek state as well as one (1) member from all the categories of S.E.S, L.T.S. and S.T.L.P.

From the academic year 2020-21, it is possible for students to participate remotely in a part of the lectures that will be implemented through a distance education platform at a rate of up to 35%. Attendance of the courses is mandatory.

The partial attendance of the Program for employees is also foreseen in exceptional cases in non-employees. The duration of part-time study is six (6) semesters without additional financial burden. In the part-time course, students choose two (2) of the total four (4) courses of attendance / semester of study before the start of the course. Along with these courses in the 1st year of attendance, the Research Methodology courses will also be required to attend. The number of part-time students may not exceed 30% of those admitted.

The 1st semester is held at the premises of the Department of Economics (Matsangou building) in Volos. The 2nd semester is held at the premises of the Department of Accounting & Finance in Larissa

Since 2018, the IPPS has been collaborating with the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Graduates of the MPS who wish to participate in the professional examinations for obtaining the international title of Certified Public Accountant are provided with an exemption for the examination of teaching units (courses).


“The applications are submitted online on the website of IPPS together with the required supporting documents which you will upload on the special platform of IPPS. Within the deadline for submission of supporting documents, the interested parties submit their application exclusively electronically and the required supporting documents as they are mentioned in detail on the website of IPPS. The letters of recommendation from the Professor / Employer are sent exclusively electronically to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program before the date of the interview of the candidates.”

At the request of a student attending the PPS of the two collaborating Departments, SIC may allow a student to enroll in a PMS course.

The results are announced to the candidates within 7 working days from the completion of the interviews. They are posted on the tables of the Departments and are announced in the electronic correspondence of the successful candidates. The successful candidates are invited to respond in writing (electronically) within 15 working days regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of their inclusion in the Program. In case of untimely response by a selected candidate within the prescribed deadline, it is equivalent to resignation from his candidacy. If there are any resignations, the Secretary informs the next ones in the evaluation series from the relevant list.

Tuition fees for attending the IPPS are € 4,200 (Four thousand two hundred euros).

“The tuition fees are paid to a special bank account of the program as follows: 20% of the amount at the time of admission of new students to the Program. 40% of the amount with the start of the winter semester courses (September) 40% of the amount with the start of the spring semester courses (February) It is also possible: • 10% discount for one-time tuition fees when accepting new students to join the Program. • Possibility to pay tuition fees in 12 interest-free installments using a credit card.”

This possibility is only available to part-time students who work. The P.P.S. meets all the conditions for inclusion in the LAEK program of OAED.


Scholarships are awarded for excellence in partial tuition exemption, taking into account academic criteria. The evaluation of academic performance is based on the grade point average in the courses of the first semester. The number of scholarships depends on the income of the IPPS and the final decision is made by the SIC. In addition to the number of students admitted to the PPS, one (1) scholarship holder of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) who succeeded in the relevant competition for postgraduate studies of the subject of the P.P.S. and one (1) foreign scholarship holder of the Greek State are accepted.

Scholarship is not awarded in the following cases:

a) Postgraduate students who are already receiving a scholarship from another source.
b) Postgraduate students who are on paid educational leave.
c) Postgraduate students who are exempt from tuition fees

The provisions of paragraph 8 of article 43 of Law 2413/1996 (Government Gazette 124 ) for the granting of student loans apply to postgraduate students as well as to doctoral candidates.


All graduates of the Greek Higher Schools of Economics are required to register as members of the Economic Chamber of Greece, doctors or holders of another postgraduate degree are also required to register as members of the OEE, even if they do not have a master’s degree in economics to practice economics as their main livelihood. For more information visit the website:

According to the provisions of articles 10 and 11 of Law 3912/2011, the graduates of the departments of Accounting, Commerce and Advertising, Business Administration, Tourism Business, Financial Applications and Applications, Money are entitled to register as members of the Economic Chamber of Greece. Finance and Insurance of the School of Management and Economics of Technological Educational Institutions (TEI) who hold a postgraduate diploma in economics from the Greek University (A.E.I) or an equivalent postgraduate degree abroad and use their degree or postgraduate specialization to occupy a position in the public and private sector or to pursue a freelance profession.

For holders of a recognized postgraduate degree in Accounting-Auditing, Internal Auditing, Costing and Business Administration, the time required to practice the profession of Tax Accountant to obtain a postgraduate degree is reduced for a period equal to the duration of studies. (Law 3470/2006)

All financial graduates (holders of a degree or postgraduate degree) have the opportunity to register with S.O.E.L. (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece).

  • Student Identity
  • Health and hospital care if they do not have
  • Nutrition in the student club
  • Access to Central Library Information Sources and Credit Membership Card
  • E-mail
  • Internet access (buildings have free WI-FI)
  • Internet access from an external provider, to the electronic services of UTH and TEI of Thessaly from their computer via VPN. More information