Applications are submitted online on the MSc website along with the required documents which will be “uploaded” on the special platform of the MSc (link below).

The letters of recommendation from the Professor/Professor are sent exclusively electronically to the Postgraduate Programme Secretariat before the interview date of the candidates at the e-mail address.

Candidate Documents:

Declaration of Participation (available on the MSc website) (to be completed and submitted online)
Detailed curriculum vitae. (CV template) (to be found on the application form) (available on the online form).
University degree (with the relevant recognition, if from a foreign university)
Certificate of Analytical Score (with accurate M.O.)
Recognised diploma of English language skills at level FC/B2
Scientific Publications/Distinctions (if any)
Evidence of professional experience (if any)
Additional qualifications (postgraduate qualifications, university degree)
Two letters of recommendation from University Professors or employers (not compulsory)
Photocopy of identity card or passport

All files, except the CV which will be saved in Excel format (xls or xlsx type), the rest will be scanned and attached in pdf/tiff/jpg format. All scanned files will have a file name – in roman characters – the title of the degree/certificate/employment title (example):



Suggested browsers: firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
It is recommended that the file size of each scanned document be less than 1MB.

In those cases where more files are allowed to be attached, the total size should be less than or equal to 4Mb. To avoid any problems when submitting your application form, please follow the additional instructions given below each field on the online form.

Candidates who meet the required documents will be invited to an interview.

You will be informed in good time by the Secretariat.

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